printerWe’ve all been there, your printer runs out of ink when you need it the most causing you to resort to wacky colours for your professional document, or forcing you to take a drive to the nearest public printers only to find you forgot the ten cents you needed to print. You’re frantic, you’re running around asking people for a dime; everyone thinks you’re a lunatic, you miss a deadline and you forever curse that dreaded printer of yours.

Don’t get caught up in that scenario again! Ink can most certainly be costly – especially for those that print in high volumes. But here we will offer some money saving tips to ensure you don’t run into an unfortunate scenario like that ever again!

  1. Buy the Right Printer

Although it may be tempting to buy the cheapest printer in the store, if you know that you’ll be using the printer a lot you should consider making an investment on something more expensive. The truth is, that a lot of cheaper printers will end up costing more for ink. High-end laser printers often have a lower cost per page, while budget inkjets typically have high ink costs. Do your research and don’t get stuck with an unreliable printer.

  1. Do Your Brochure Printing at Home

Another good reason to invest in a colour laser printer is that they are capable of printing graphics, photos, and/or text at a quality suitable for basic marketing handouts or brochures. This will eliminate your need to spend a lot of money and time at a print shop.

  1. Look Before You Print 

This is the easiest and most obvious tip. Don’t print off unnecessary information. Highlight what you need, turn off colour printing, and check to make sure you’re printing the pages you need and not the 24 other pages of advertisements or whatever it may be.

  1. Third-Party Ink

If you’re low on cash and need ink for some basic printing, many third-party websites offer cheaper ink options. Although the prices are definitely lower, you may be paying for lower quality ink as well, so it’s important to do your research and buy from reputable sellers.

  1. Watch for Low-Cartridge Warnings

Sometimes you’ll receive a warning that your ink is running low far before it actually is. Instead of panicking and rushing to buy a new cartridge, wait it out and watch for decreased quality in printing. When the quality reduces then you will know that you can trust the warnings.

Don’t let your business or project fall behind because you ran out of ink. Make sure you keep these tips in mind for the next time you go to print something; it may save you for a disaster situation.

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