Should Your Sydney Business Use Cloud Desktops?

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Cloud Desktops For Sydney Businesses

A lot of good things have come from cloud technology. From what was once a pipe dream, cloud solutions seemed to have delivered on all its promises from years ago. For a lot of businesses, cloud technology has solved a lot of their problems from finding the right tools and apps to scaling issues.

Take cloud desktop technology for instance. Businesses both big and small have adopted cloud desktops for their organizations. But why are they opting for cloud desktops instead of the regular workstation setup? What does cloud desktop technology have in store for you?

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What Are Cloud Desktops?

In the world of business, employees consider their workstations as their main weapons. This is where they do most of their work and it’s their “productive” space. Sadly, when you tie your “productive space” in a physical object, it can create several concerns.

For example, a person who is used to working on a specific workstation/desktop will find it hard to adjust to a new one especially if they have spent time customizing their workstations. This will happen frequently as hardware fails over time. But what if there was a way to keep one’s workstation available anywhere at any time? That’s how cloud desktops work.

In a nutshell, a cloud desktop is just a desktop uploaded to the cloud. It’s almost like having your workstation on the Internet. This is done by hosting the desktop on a server and the users are given access to it. Everything from the operating system, applications/tools, and data are on the cloud. You can also choose the processing power and storage size of each cloud desktop. Simply put, it’s just like having a virtual desktop – a copy of a desktop you might be using in your office.

Why Are Businesses Choosing Cloud Desktops?

So what’s so special with a cloud-hosted desktop? Is it worth the transition? Well, hundreds if not thousands of businesses are moving from traditional desktops to cloud desktops. They can’t possibly be flocking to a bad solution, right?

Let’s try to list down the benefits businesses enjoy from cloud desktop technology. By the end of the article, we will find out if it’s the perfect fit for your business.

Reduction in Operational Expenses

When businesses get desktops to use as workstations, they often make the mistake of considering it as a one-time capital expense. They don’t understand that getting workstations and desktops mean additional operational expenses – recurring mostly. This is because you still need to maintain these systems with maintenance work, upgrades, and software updates. If you don’t upgrade your systems, they become obsolete and unusable. Cloud desktops eliminate any of these extra operation expenses. You pay one set fee per virtual desktop per month and that covers everything. If something needs fixing, the service provider will take care of that for you. Maybe your OS needs an upgrade for an application to work? Just send a ticket and the update will come ASAP. All of these things cost extra on a traditional setup as you need to hire somebody to do them for you or create an IT team just for this purpose.

Improved Productivity

If you choose to work with remote desktops, your employees will experience consistent hardware performance and will not be dragged down by the usual issues you experience in a traditional setup. A cloud desktop helps improve a worker’s productivity because it can be accessed on just about any device connected to the Internet. You can also say goodbye to workflow bottlenecks as your employees will be able to make, edit, or send data from their cloud desktops at any time.

Cloud desktops also experience close to zero downtime as they can be patched or updated from a central control panel. No more days or weeks of waiting just to get their desktops updated.

Empowers Remote Work

A lot of things have changed with regards to how people work nowadays due to the pandemic. Recent changes have shown that some employees prefer to work remotely and employers are seeing it as a good solution to the current problem. With cloud desktops, your employee can stay at home or go to their favourite coffee shop and still be able to access their cloud desktop. You can even have an employee located halfway around the world and still be able to access their desktop as if they were in your office.

Supports the BYOD Trend

BYOD or the Bright Your Own Device trend is gaining traction among small and big organizations all over the world. In a BYOD setup, employees are allowed to use their personal devices for office work. This trend did not gain popularity not without its share of challenges. For one, it is had to keep track of confidential data as it is shared across different personal devices. In some cases, it does more harm than good to the company.

With cloud desktop technology, you can adopt a BYOD setup without having to worry about its failures. While the personal device is used to access the cloud desktop, no data or application is downloaded to the local device. Everything stays in the cloud where it is safe. If a personal device is stolen, management can easily prevent the stolen device from accessing the cloud desktop with just a few clicks of a button.

High-Level Security

Whenever people talk about cloud technology the first thing they are worried about is security. There is this prevailing ideology that when something is in the cloud, it can easily be stolen by people. This is the opposite. Cloud desktop technology is one of the most secure ways for businesses to handle sensitive data. As mentioned above, everything stays on the cloud and no data or application is downloaded on the local machine.

Most cloud technology service providers also put in place many security protocols to ensure that their client’s data are safe within their servers. This includes 24/7 monitoring, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular data backups. This means that if you put your desktops on the cloud, you can rest assured knowing your business data is safe.

Migrating your current office setup to the cloud can be a complicated and confusing process especially for businesses who are not familiar with cloud technology. However, everything becomes easier if you find a cloud services provider who has been doing it for years. For businesses in Sydney and all over Australia, you can start with Sydney Technology Solutions.

For more than 20 years, Sydney Technology solutions have provided quality IT and cloud services to organizations of all sizes. They specialize in providing businesses with the best IT solutions that fit their business and IT model.

If you are interested in cloud desktop technology, give Sydney Technology Solutions a call today. Ask how taking your desktops to the cloud can help elevate your business to the next level.