FBIEmail is perhaps the most popular and most important means of communication for any business in any country in just about any industry. Email is one of the unifying factors that brings all industries together and gives them a common thread. This is why email is one of the most frequently hacked, frequently manipulated, and frequently used means of infecting computers and computer networks in an effort to collect and steal data and money.

The FBI stated that false emails sent by “Chief Executives” to their senior employees asking for money transfers are responsible for the loss of as much as $2 billion dollars over the past two years. With more than 12,000 corporate victims, there is a higher risk than ever before of businesses falling prey to this type of scam. The Internet is a treasure trove of information, a beacon of hope in terms of communication, and a virtual playground for criminals that are looking to steal money and information.

Due to the highly-anonymous nature of Internet communication, it is now more common than ever before for companies to fall prey to scams without their ever knowing it. It is now more important than ever before that companies protect themselves against this type of attack to help protect their bottom line and ensure the continuation and progress of their company.

There are a few things that any company can do to protect themselves from this type of fraud. The first is to place extra protection around those aspects of your company that are most important. This can be money, information, personal data, etc. It is crucial to keep the most important part of your company protected the most to prevent a catastrophe if something does happen. Another safeguard is to test your system routinely to see just how safe it is and how easily it can be penetrated.

Regular checks can help to pinpoint weak spots, point out faults in your system, and can help remedy and repair issues before they become the downfall of your company. Another way to protect your company is to create a monitoring team or employ monitoring technology. This can help to watch your system and report any issues that pop up as your business functions from day to day.

You can also perform background checks on new employees, insist on robust passwords and multilevel authentications and frequent updates of security measures. This will help keep your company safe and ensure that you do not rest on your laurels so that if your company is at risk, hackers are going to have to contend with many levels of security to get into your system.

It is crucial that companies take security seriously and that they work to put the proper safeguards in place to prevent email scams. It is also important that companies have routine updates about the latest email frauds to prevent their falling prey. In some cases, it may be necessary to scan and authenticate emails before they are answered or before they are opened to prevent the infection of your system and to prevent the destruction of your company.

Being victim to an email scam is not something that any company wants to contend with and with the right information, the right safeguards, and the right software, any company can be safe and can prevent this type of infection and cyber attack. Your company is important and keeping it safe is necessary at all costs.