Zero Day VirusA fast-moving, mutating computer virus is infecting even the most effectively protected IT systems. This swiftly morphing virus is getting past anti-virus protections and firewalls. — Reliance on them alone isn’t enough.

Each new mutated form of the virus is like a zero-day attack (such as the Cryptolocker virus). This means each strain of the virus has never been seen before by any organization. And there are no virus definitions to stop it. Every time these strains morph, new virus definitions must be written, which simply can’t be done as fast as the virus mutates.

If you’re attacked by a zero-day virus, then you’re at serious risk.


You MUST take proactive action to protect yourself by contacting Sydney Technology Solutions to ensure all necessary antivirus solutions and strategies have been put into place.  This can’t be accomplished with software alone.  There’s a long list of functions that need to be set or reset.  To do this we must manually configure your general settings and any Software as a Solution (SaaS) settings.  We should also regularly monitor your system to try to prevent these viruses from spreading.

In the meantime it’s essential that you:

  • Perform regularly scheduled backups of your data to external drives, network drives, or cloud-based data storage services.
  • Restrict the use of USB devices as the viruses can be transferred easily via this mode of data transfer.
  • Immediately audit your sender-allow lists, and create strict policies regarding the inclusion of entries.
  • Consider tightening spam and attachment settings to either deny or quarantine larger attachments.
  • Ensure your firewall is properly locked down.

The primary take-home message is to be skeptical of every email that shows up on your screen.  Never click on any links unless you are 100% certain they are safe.

This is not a ploy to scare you into using our services.  Regardless of what company you choose to use, these actions must be taken to protect the integrity of your IT system, computers and data.

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