Why Internal Technology Resources Hide Issues from Their Manager

Regardless of your industry, technology is what keeps your business running smoothly and effectively – whether it’s to provide mobility with business communication tools or increase productivity by reducing the risk of disruption.

Stressed out IT guy

Sometimes when you’re dealing with an internal technology resource rather than an outsourced team, issues get neglected and snowball into bigger problems that end up costing you. Sure, there are great internal IT teams out there – but often, you risk the possibility that they’re hiding issues from you. So, why is that the case?

They Fall Behind – Even for a small business, technology demands are a lot to manage. When you’re working with an internal team, sometimes they just can’t keep up.

  • They may be behind on security patches, software updates, or repairs, but they’ll neglect to bring it up so they don’t get risk getting fired.
  • Strategically planning ahead is a crucial and complicated task, and it might take up more time than your technology resource expected, leading them to put off other important tasks – and leaving you vulnerable.
  • They’re Inexperienced – IT is constantly evolving, and sometimes your internal team simply isn’t able to cover all of your needs.
  • From mobile device protection, to security patches and business continuity planning, you need a team with expertise in the most important areas.
  • They Fear Outsourcing – Internal resources often neglect to report issues because they fear you might realize the benefits of outsourcing IT. An inexperienced internal resource puts your entire business at risk for a wide range of avoidable issues, including:
    • Compromised networks and data
    • Disruption and downtime that diminish productivity and lead to lost wage

Don’t put your business at risk because your internal technology resource simply isn’t equipped to handle all of your IT needs. Start working with a team of professionals who are honest, open, and experienced – contact Sydney Technology Solutions at [email protected] or (02) 8212 4722 to learn more.