IT Consultancy & Tech Project Support

Adam Rippon

IT ConsultingMany businesses across Sydney have made significant investments in building their own in-house IT team. STS respects this decision made by many. In fact, STS has the perfect service solution for businesses with internal IT staff.

Our consultancy and projects team provides businesses in Sydney with expertise on many of the leading technologies used in business today. In addition, we can help guide a business in the right IT direction, working with the business leadership to chart their course in accordance to their business objectives. We can also help design IT budgets, assisting with the procurement of IT solutions while our team works alongside you and your IT staff, in order to ensure projects are delivered on time and within your budget.

Our team is also available to help your internal IT staff. We have worked with many organisations of all sizes who need guidance and manpower to roll out upgrades, deploy new systems, and upgrade server solutions. We’re able to provide specialty consulting on the most complex IT solutions.

No matter how large or small your organisation is, STS can lend a helping hand.

Are you considering a local IT company to help your internal IT staff?

Are you an overworked IT professional who needs help with projects or even just your day-to-day tasks? STS is here to help, we’re your ally in technology. We work alongside your existing IT staff to lend a hand, or share our experiences and expertise with you.

Give us a call at (02) 8212 4722 or email us at [email protected] to learn more about our consultancy and project IT services for your business.