Geeky Computer GuyPicking a company to help you with all your IT needs can be difficult. Aside from an IT company supporting the software you need to run your business, you need to make sure they can take care of you with ease, talk to you in a way you understand and be able to do so promptly.

Rabble, Rabble, Rabble

Ever talk to a tech savvy person and wonder what they are doing to your computers, or even remotely understand what they are talking about? The last thing you want to hear is rabble, rabble and rabble. Any IT company that knows their clients, and their services, will be able to communicate to you in nontechnical terms. It should be as easy as hearing “Mom went grocery shopping to buy cereal for tomorrow morning.” Easy, simple and in plain English. Never should you have to be left in the dark trying to understand what someone is telling you. If your IT company is professional and knowledgeable, you should be able to able to understand them.

What Qualifies Them?

Just because someone has been doing IT for many years, doesn’t mean they are qualified to do the job. Finding out what experience they have, and how much of it they have done, is crucial to having the best support. Asking for certifications is never a bad idea, either. Sometimes, experience is all that matters. Below, you will find a list of recommended questions to ask, based on qualifications:

  1. What kind of work have you done before?
  2. How many staff members do you have and how long have the majority of them been with you for?
  3. What makes you stand out from everyone else?
  4. Your staff: what certifications do they have, what do they stand for and what are your training policies for keeping them up-to-date?

These top four questions can help you pick the right IT company for your needs. They should be prepared for these questions and should be able to answer them with confidence. Keeping up with the times is a big plus, and so is recertification. Take a note that some expire after a certain amount of time, which is why it is important to ask all these questions.

Fast Solutions

The last thing you need is to be down for longer than you need to be. Choosing an IT company that is fast, reliable and remote is important to your needs. Sometimes, the problem is a setting box that was unchecked or a simple conflict that can be resolved over the phone. However, for those tough times where it isn’t so easy, remote access is a crucial to your needs. Having someone that is able to remotely connect to your computer, and fix your problem fast, keeps you and your staff working efficiently with minimal downtime.

Caring Services

Having an IT company that follows up with their services and builds relationships with you is something you should look for. The proper IT company will help you with efficiency and provide solutions for problems you may not know are hindering you. They will also provide you with the proper service and not charge you for services you do not need. Having a friend, rather than a business, by your side will provide reliable, dedicated and consistent services, while keeping you afloat during the crucial times.

Billing, Simply

Having a bill come in and not understanding anything on it is an on edge feeling. Don’t fret over the small stuff because the proper IT company wouldn’t bill you something you don’t understand. Even if they do, it should be easy to call them and find out exactly what it is you were billed for. Clear, concise, and specific services are what to look for in an IT company. It makes billing simple and your tech life easier.

Finding the right IT company shouldn’t be difficult, nor do you want them to be. Give us a call at (02) 8212 4722 or email us at [email protected] and find out how Sydney Technology Solutions can make your workdays easier.