Data warehousing is relatively easy to understand, in theory.

data warehousing

It’s easy for an IT company to sit across from you and promise that if you implement data warehousing, all of your problems will be solved. But does your IT company really understand data warehousing? And furthermore, can they vocalize the core benefits to you intelligently?

Below you will find 3 very basic, but important questions that you must ask your IT company to ensure they understand the true reasoning for data warehousing within your company.

  1. What is data warehousing?
  2. What is the difference between OLTP and OLAP?
  3. What are the core benefits of data warehousing?

Simple, yes. But very revealing. This last question is the most important of them all, and will expose your IT specialist’s knowledge base.

Here are some answers to that last question, answers that you should know inside and out before you heavily invest in data warehousing for your company.

So, what are the benefits of data warehousing?

A Data Warehouse Provides An Improved Knowledge Base

Is your senior management team still making business decisions based on limited data or their gut feeling? There’s no need to take that risk with data warehousing. You will have an enormous amount of information right at your fingertips that can instantly be applied to marketing, inventory management, sales, and financial management processes.

A Data Warehouse Let’s You Make Fast Decisions

You can make an informed decision within minutes of accessing your data. It’s all in one place, which keeps you well versed at all times. On top of the benefits of easy-access, your business executives can organize the data by themselves with very little assistance from your IT team. They can get to work on those data reports independently!

A Data Warehouse Gives You A History Report

Since your data warehouse stores large amounts of information through various time periods, you can easily analyze patterns and trends within the data to create forecasts.

A Data Warehouse Gives You A High ROI

This is the one benefit you’ve been waiting to hear – you will ultimately receive a major return on investment. Statistically, companies who invest in data warehousing will generate more revenue through both sales and saved money, compared to companies who don’t invest in this service.

As we previously explained, your IT company’s answer to the question “What are the benefits of data warehousing?” will reveal their expertise on the subject.

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