Mobile Computing SupportThe recent buzz that the upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 Surface Tablet will be priced at only AUD$199 has created both excitement and anxiety among the people. We have been waiting for this tablet for a long time and had no idea about its release date as well as its price. However,  A credible source from Microsoft has finally confirmed that the Microsoft Widows 8 Surface Tab is going to released on October 26, 2012 and it will be priced at $199 which is only a mere fraction of other tablets in the market. Like other Microsoft products, it will also have a  Metro interface and it can be used as a full-fledged laptop or a trendy tab.

Such a drastic cut in the price of this tablet has been made possible by using the Nvidia ARM Tegra processor powering the RISC-based Surface which is more affordable and doesn’t get too hot. Probably this is the reason why it is so cheaper than other tablets that uses the Intel x86 processors.  This is why; this tablet could be priced at $199 which a competitive price to compete with Amazon’s Kindle and Google’s Nexus 7. However, the competitors are saying that this is actually a huge subsidy from the company just to capture the lucrative tablet market through aggressive pricing. Companies like Asus, Samsung and Acer who have dominating the tablet market so far, are really concerned with this and wouldn’t surely welcome this product from Microsoft. This is also an upsetting news for iPad as well.

However, the consumers and officials in Microsoft are really excited about this. People can’t wait anymore to get their hands on this new tablet at this shocking price. This also a great news for the consumers as it will force other manufacturers to reduce their price as well. Therefore it is the customers who will be benefited from this in the long run. This will be also profitable for Microsoft Itself as they will be able to become a market leader in the tablet PC industry with this price. With a $199 price tag it will be difficult for consumers to stay away from the Microsoft Windows 8 Surface Tablet.

Is this the correct device for your mobile computing needs?  Who really knows right now.  Before you rush out to purchase any technology for your business, you need to give us a call.  We are your trusted computer support and IT service organisation, we can help you make the right informed decision.