Server virtualisation converts one physical server into multiple virtual machines (VMs).

Each of these VMs acts like a separate physical device, running its own operating system.

In this way, you can save on expensive hardware, and ensure your data is always available, even if a server shuts down.  Sydney Technology Solutions is your Virtualisation Specialist in Sydney.

We offer a variety of virtualisation solutions.

By using STS Server Virtualisation, our clients have cut their hardware and energy costs by as much as 80% while improving efficiency and productivity for their business.


  • Offers the latest technologies in desktop, application, and server virtualisation from some of the leading IT companies such as Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare and Citrix.
  • Consolidates systems from several platforms, even with different operating systems.
  • Reduces administrative overhead and provides centralised management capabilities.
  • Configures and provisions volumes, manages backups, and monitors capacity utilisation for all your systems.

Industry experts estimate that the average business uses somewhere between 5-25% of their server’s capacity. 

By using STS Server Virtualisation to maximize the use of underutilized servers, you can realize immediate cost savings:

  • Less server hardware is required,
  • Less energy is consumed, and
  • Labour costs associated with taking care of your server infrastructure are reduced.

Other Benefits of Using STS Server Virtualisation:

  • Secure backup and migration of virtual environments with no interruption in service.
  • Improved desktop security and manageability with monitoring of users’ local or remote access, with or without a network connection.
  • Quick response to changes with dynamic resource management, and improved application deployment.

STS also offers consolidation solutions for applications and desktops. Each of these solutions is designed to save you money and give you greater control over the management of your IT infrastructure.