Who is going to host your cloud services?

Where will your cloud service provider be located? There are many choices out there for business in Sydney to choose from. Big name organisations, such as Microsoft and Google, or small startup cloud service providers and hosting companies are a good example of these choices.

Before you select a cloud hosting company, do your homework. Not all cloud and hosting companies are the same. Many may look similar on the surface, but underneath there could be many potential issues with their offerings.

STS provides cloud consulting and migration services to ensure your business benefits from cloud technologies.

STS can also provide your business with a fully managed cloud hosting service. With STS Cloud & Hosting services, all of your data resides in Australia, fully supported by our team of cloud experts.

STS can provide your business with the following cloud and hosted services:

  • Website Hosting – Joomla, WordPress, MySQL, and PHP hosting services
  • Windows Server Hosting – move your Windows servers to our data center.
  • Email and Microsoft Exchange Hosting – STS provides full hosting services for Microsoft Exchange and other email services.
  • Infrastructure Hosting – Some businesses are now moving their complete Infrastructure services to the cloud, eliminating onsite technologies altogether.
  • Data Synchronisation – Like Dropbox, STS can provide your business with secure data synchronisation services.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – Many businesses today are looking for a cloud backup solution to ensure all corporate data is backed up offsite, and if a disaster occurs, data can be recovered quickly.
  • Hosted PBX and Voice – The latest in technologies that are now cloud ready. Move your entire phone system to the cloud versus having it onsite.

There are many services that can be moved to the cloud. Consult with STS prior to making your final decision. Understand our services and what we can do to ensure your business has the right cloud services, thus allowing you to meet your business objectives.