The telephone remains vital to any businesses communication strategy.

Email, instant messaging and other unified messaging services are important, but when telephone services fail, everyone notices. Sydney Technology Solutions provides businesses in Sydney and across Australia with best-of-breed business telephone services.

STS Will Help You Determine The Service That Best Suits Your Needs

Telephone systems come in many shapes and sizes, but how do you know which is the right one for your business? There are many factors that should influence your decision. Ask yourself, do you need:

  • A low-cost phone system that comes with the same bells and whistles as in larger phone systems?
  • To route incoming calls to a call centre or help desk?
  • To have your voice mails sent to your email?
  • To view when members of your team are on the phone or available for a call?
  • To have remote offices or remote workers access your phone services?
  • A hosted VoIP service or a traditional on-premise phone system?
  • To connect to a branch office on the other side of the country?
  • Local numbers in many regions and internationally?

As you can see there are many factors that should influence your decision when selecting a telephone system for your business. This is where STS can help. We’ll help you sort out your needs and determine the right telephone system to meet them. Plus we’ll provide all the installation and support required to use it.