Streamline Your Efficiencies And Productivity With Cloud Services From STS

Look To The Clouds For Cost-Effective IT Solutions

Running a business in or around Sydney is costly.  It seems that money goes out faster than it comes in.  Yet your customers still want the prices they were paying seven years ago.  In order to make a profit today, you need to find ways to cut your costs, including IT costs.  Now there’s an easy and even beneficial way to do this.  Simply look to to the clouds.

Cloud computing is a cost-effective, accessible and scalable IT infrastructure that when offered by Sydney Technology Solutions includes 24/7 support as part of your monthly service. Our cloud services offer the hardware, software, file sharing and data backup services you need to improve your business efficiencies and your bottom line.

With Cloud Services From STS

  • You’ll benefit from updated software and hardware solutions at a price you can afford.
  • There’s no upfront capital outlay.
  • You won’t have to pay for software licensing or upgrades, or hardware maintenance or management.
  • Your need for physical space to house servers and hardware is reduced.
  • You have the ability to scale services up or down as needed.
  • Data reliability and protection is increased with regular data backups.
  • Data is protected 24/7 in our secure offsite data centres.
  • Your data is recoverable if it’s lost or damaged.

Plus you’ll benefit from:

Increased Accessibility

Your authorized staff can access, share and edit files from anywhere they have a computer device and an Internet connection.  This enhances your business continuity and productivity because staff can work from home when they can’t get into the office or when traveling.

24/7 Support

Get 24/7 access to our skilled cloud computing service professionals. They’ll answer any questions you have and keep an eye on your critical systems to ensure your IT stays up and running.

Increased Accessibility

Enjoy high-level cloud computing features such as server virtualization, remote monitoring and automatic data backup all at a price you can afford.

STS Cloud Services provide the cost savings and increased productivity you need to improve your bottom line. 

We can customize your cloud services to meet your unique business needs. Plus we’ll develop your cloud-computing platform with your budget in mind.

Sydney Technology Solutions offers cloud services to small- to mid-sized businesses in and around Sydney, Australia.