Most people agree — It’s essential to back up your data.  But how you choose to do this is your decision. This typically means you need to choose from a:

  • Web-based backup system,
  • Tape-based backup system, or a
  • Disk-to-disk backup system

But You Don’t Need To Choose.  STS Cloud Backup Service Is All You Need.

With STS’s cloud backup services:

  • Your backups are set to backup your critical information on a pre-determined, recurring schedule with little to no oversight.
  • Backup costs are reduced compared to tape, DVD or redundant hard drives.
  • Backups are more reliable and secure.
  • Your data is automatically backed up offsite to a secure facility that meets all regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Data remains secure even if your office or network is shut down due to a manmade or natural disaster.
  • We can recover your data in the event of damage to your network.
  • You can access your data securely from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Ask Yourself?

  • Are you backing up your corporate data properly and regularly?
  • Is your entire IT system backed up? (servers, workstations, traveling notebooks)
  • Is your data stored off-site in a secure location away from your office?
  • Is your backup encrypted?
  • Should something happen to your servers/IT infrastructure is your data secure, and can it be recovered?

STS Cloud Backup Service can automatically perform all these tasks so you don’t have to.