An STS Virtual Private Cloud Will Increase Your Ability To Compete In Today’s Technology-Driven World.

You need to work smarter these days to beat the competition. With a Virtual Private Cloud from Sydney Technology Solutions you can. 

STS can build you a customized Virtual Private Cloud that can be configured and scaled as your business grows and your needs evolve. It provides continual uptime and access to the latest IT cloud services and a pool of computing resources that would be cost-prohibitive for most small-to medium-sized businesses.  With an STS Virtual Private Cloud your business can benefit from the enterprise solutions previously only large companies enjoyed.  With improved access to cloud services you can compete with your larger competitors for an affordable, monthly fee.

With an STS Virtual Private Cloud you can:

  • Achieve your business goals more easily and efficiently.
  • Reduce your IT costs and pay only for the service level you need.
  • Depend on guaranteed up times of 99%-99.999%.
  • Enjoy peace-of-mind with our fortified security from viruses, cybercrime and data loss.

Sydney Technology Solutions provides industry-leading Virtual Private Cloud services with the best and most secure cloud platforms on which to build and expand your business’s IT capabilities.