fathers day tech giftsFather’s Day is just around the corner.

If you’re stumped about what to buy, then think tech! Everyone loves gadgets, so why not get him that new tech toy that’s both practical and fun to use? There are plenty of choices out there and something for just about every budget – from as low as $40 bucks and up to 2K, with plenty in between.

Here are 8 great tech gifts you might want to consider and put a big smile on good ole Dad this Father’s Day!

  1. GPS Devices

GPS gadgets are very affordable. Today’s GPS systems come with really large, bright orientation screens, map updates, and can provide nice, clear voice directions. One product that you might want to consider is the Garmin nüvi 65LM, which is available for as low as $109.00. This device also tells you “what’s up ahead” for food and gas, and warns you about school zones. Dad will never need to ask directions or lose his way again!

  1. 4K Televisions

These TV’s come with a variety of screen sizes and prices ranging from just over $550 and up to a couple of grand or more. What makes the 4K TV so special is that it has around 4 times the pixels found on other competitor products, such as a High-Def TV, and will awe your Dad with its incredibly sharp picture. This is a sure winner guaranteed to put a big sloppy grin on Dad’s face.

  1. New Phone

Maybe you might want to ask Dad how long he’s had his current phone. Phone companies are in constant competition and always trying to up each other. Now might be the perfect time to get your Dad a new phone. Every carrier has a broad range to choose from with a host of features. You also have a big choice of plans to find one your Dad will love.

  1. Audible Audiobooks

For long trips or when it’s time to relax, audible audiobooks let Dad tune out and enjoy a soothing resonant voice reading the latest book from Dad’s favourite author. Many plans are both affordable and flexible as they allow you to choose ordering a single book at a time, or subscribe annually with a set monthly rate. Amazon is one place to check out where you have a 30-day free trial period and can choose from over 180,000 titles.

  1. New Computer Monitor

Is Dad squinting at the monitor and grumbling about the small text? Help your Dad reduce his eyestrain and get him a bigger monitor, such as 24 – 27 inches. Monitors come in a variety of models and definition. He can conveniently watch 2 side-by-side window screens or just the big screen in nice, clear easy-to-read definition. You’ll get a nod of approval for this one. Better yet, you can find them for as low as $150.

  1. Apple or Android Watch

These are some of the latest tech gizmos to hit the market and lots of people love them. They come with an array of available apps that will keep Dad smiling as he figures them all out and sets them up for his particular needs. The Apple watch won’t work with Android and needs an iPhone, but both of these products can be found from as low as $150.

  1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones and Earplugs

This is a great idea for the budget conscious, and a great gift for Dads who travel on planes and trains and just want some quiet time. You can choose your basic earplug models, or opt for some more fancy headphones. You can find an array of headphones from under $40 up to around $300. Every Dad that travels will love you for thinking of his peace of mind.

  1. Activity Tracker

Dad’s getting a bit older and maybe you’re concerned about his fitness and health levels. Odds are, he might be thinking about it also, and just needs something to get him motivated. These devices will tell Dad what he’s been doing for activity that day and how many calories he’s burned off (or didn’t)! Many of these gadgets hook up with Dad’s smartphone or laptop to keep track of his fitness levels. From $49 and up.

Your Dad deserves the best – and an awesome tech gadget from our list of great gift ideas is sure to please. Call (02) 8212 4722 or send us an email: [email protected] for more great gift ideas.