IT Security AustraliaCyber Security continues to be a “must focus” for businesses and organisations across Australia. Reports of security breaches, privacy compromises and other cyber security threats continue to hit the mainstream Australia media. Business owners must pay attention to how important it is to ensure their business IT systems and data receive 100% protected.

These IT security threats are real and businesses large and small are at risk. No business is safe from becoming a victim of a cyber attack. Just recently hundreds of thousands of WordPress websites were hit with a denial of service attack where hackers attempted to gain access to business websites. Now, social media service Living Social was compromised and thousands of user accounts hit.

I know this may sound a bit like a doomsday prediction, but the potential of your business network, website or even email systems being compromised by hackers is real and we can help you protect your entire computer network.

These threats are no longer a “would be” hacker sitting in their college dorm attempting to hack into a business network to win a bet or simply to prove to their buddies that they can do it. Hacking attempts now involve government organisations (China), intelligence groups and organized crime and they are intentional and targeting businesses of all shapes and sizes. Hackers and criminals want your data, your bank records, your computing resources and everything else they can gain access to.

Is your business at risk? The answer is YES. Are you 100% sure you are completely protected?

Maybe you are not too worried about a hacker accessing your information, but security of your business data, employees and other parts of your network stretches beyond just a few computers or servers. How about security threats that exist when a smartphone or tablet goes missing or a laptop is stolen? Is the information stored on your iPhone, iPad or laptop protected? What about the systems your device has access to? There are many factors to consider when coming up with a security plan for your business and all aspects need to be considered.

Today, all industries are in the criminal’s sites including insurance, the mortgage industry, retail, public corporations and even your Sydney small business.

We invite you to contact our team and book a no obligation discussion about your current cyber security requirements and your preparedness to defend against any IT security threat.

Call us right away. We are ready to sit down and review all your anti-virus, data backup systems, spyware, anti-spam and your business firewalls and computer security.