The most popular spreadsheet application, Microsoft Excel is going to make its début in a new avatar of Excel 2013 very soon. As usual, there will be a number of new features, functions and applications in this new Spreadsheet Tool for which the developers at Microsoft have worked for a very long time. Although, Excel 2013 is still in its development phase, we have come know about some great news along with features about this long-awaited application.

As per the developers and reviewers, the very first thing that people will notice in Excel 2013 is its interface. Like other application of MS Office, it will have a revamped appearance that will be based on Metro. Besides looking good, it will also have a number of new features that people have asked for. The developers of Excel 2013 went for an intensive consumer research comprising Excel users from both large and small business along with each user as well. Excel 2013 is actually based on the insights and recommendations gained from the research which lead the developers to make improvements in various areas of Excel including lists, spreadsheets, reports, business solutions, in-depth analysis, dashboards and so on.

The developers are confident that the users will find using Excel 2013 more exciting and enjoyable with its new features. It has been integrated with SkyDrive and Office 365 services so that people can use their datasheet when they want with any device.  With the feature called “Excel Everywhere” the users will be able to work on any platform, store and share their work in a convenient way. To make excel more easy and productive to users, they have also included new features such as Quick Analysis, Flash Fill and PivotTable Recommendations that will help the users to be more productive with numbers. Making charts, report will be also very easy since they will include guidance or recommendation for the users.

In addition to that, Excel 2013 will also have higher level of Business Intelligence (BI) along with Quick Explore, Timeline slicers, Power Pivot, SharePoint 2010 and Power View which will transform Excel as a full-fledged self-service BI tool. So definitely, this will be a great addition to the Microsoft Office family.

Do you have any questions about the upcoming version of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Excel 2013?  We are learning all the technical details about the product so when release day comes we can help guide your business in the right direction.

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