Adding Emojis with a Windows Keyboard Shortcut

Adding an emoji to an email or text editor is a great way to express a little more emotion and showcase more of your unique personality through text. Emoji characters are a great way to dial down the formality, whether you’re sending an email to a colleague or to a friend. Getting to those emoji characters in the average text editor, however, isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

Ready to start adding emoji characters to your communications in a flash? It’s simple!

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Press the Windows Key + ;

With this simple keyboard command, you can pull up the emoji menu. From there, you can select the emoji that best fits your mood or the tone of your message. Simply click on it, and it will move into the editor, where it will become part of your message. It works in your emails, your text editors, and in many of the platforms you use on a regular basis–all with the simple press of a button.

Want to share a laugh? ? Continue laughing with tears rolling down your face–and let your reader know that you intend that lighthearted note to your communication. Are you highly excited about something or in love with it? Heart eyes ?can help express that emotion. Emojis like balloons ? can help set the tone for a party or celebration and even draw in your customers as you send out marketing emails.

While emoji characters are not necessarily appropriate in every setting, they’re a great way to add a note of levity or set an informal tone–and with the Windows keyboard shortcut in hand, you can easily express yourself just like you would via text message or on a social media platform. Want to learn more about the various Windows keyboard shortcuts and how they can streamline your daily processes and activities? Contact us today for more information.