There are a number of smartphone apps available today that have changed the way people travel. With these apps, you can plan for a smooth journey.

The first app that every foreign traveler needs is Google Translate.  This app supports 64 different languages. So, it will come handy in most places around the world. All you need to do is type or speak in your native language. The app will then translate what you said or typed into the language you need. This is the best interpreter you will ever have.

Another useful app for those who travel abroad is the MagicJack app. With this app, you can make VoIP calls with your phone if you have a Wi-Fi connection. It gives you a free telephone number from MagicJack, so you can always keep in touch with your loved ones, friends or colleagues back home.

Then there’s the Instagram app. With this app, you can take, digitally filter and share a photo on any site such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. This is an addictive app that allows you to play with your pictures and be creative.

The Google Earth app is also helpful for travelers. You have fun with Google Earth. With this app, you will be able to locate your position and also learn about interesting attractions or restaurants in the area.

Another fun travel app is the TuneIn Radio Pro, which works smoothly on your Android or iPhone. With this app, you can always stay in touch with your favorite station, and if you buy the premium version for $0.99, you will be able to record songs as well.

Except for the TuneIn Radio Pro, you can download the apps for free and fully enjoy your foreign and domestic travels.