Windows 10 ReleasedWindows 10 Promises To Be Something Awesome…Will your company make the switch?

Many companies became a bit skittish about using Windows after the problems encountered with Windows 8 and subsequent design overhauls. Sales suffered because some corporate users weren’t pleased, and sought alternatives. Other users were even less happy when Microsoft ceased supporting Windows XP, which was still in use by many companies and personal users.

Windows hopes to turn this decline around with its launch of Windows 10. Their aim is to try and make their new system more user friendly so they can attract and draw in smartphone and tablet users. Likely, many businesses and users will adopt a “wait and see” stance before committing to the new Windows 10 system as only time will tell if Windows 10 will perform up to snuff or be a dud.

Exciting New Features Being Offered for Windows 10

Microsoft hopes that it will attract more users by offering these new applications, but will it be enough to bring people back? Some of the new features being offered through Windows 10 include:

  • Tools that convert apps easier and were originally programmable for Apple’s iOS devices
  • Allow developers of iOS Android, Win32, and .Net apps to reuse programming code into Windows conversion
  • Introduction of Universal Apps, which will work regardless of the device size, and allow developers to add additional code to tweak programs so that they only show certain things
  • Microsoft will use a one stop app store regardless if the user is operating a PC, phone or tablet, and allow the user to pay for any apps through their own wireless carrier
  • ·More games for those who need to relax

Windows 10 goes on sale this summer. It won’t be too long before the reviews start coming so it’s a bit soon to say whether Windows 10 will succeed in their mission to woo customers back to the stable, or if their new software is saddled with glitches.

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