Sydney Technology Solutions Goes Above And Beyond To Support Barker Ryan Stewart

Barker Ryan Stewart is a multidisciplinary development consultancy. Over their ten years in business, they have rapidly grown and acquired new clients, now working with 50 staff members in four offices across the eastern seaboard of Australia.

As an active and growing business, Barker Ryan Stewart depends directly on its IT systems to stay productive and profitable. That’s why they’ve partnered with Sydney Technology Solutions.

“They’re there when we need them,” says Garry Ryan, Director, Barker Ryan Stewart. “I’m really happy with their service.”

Barker Ryan Stewart Needed A Better IT Company

Before they partnered with Sydney Technology Solutions, Barker Ryan Stewart had been working with another IT company. This IT company wasn’t delivering the quality of support that Barker Ryan Stewart needed, and so, they began looking for an alternative.

“We had another IT company prior to Sydney Technology Solutions, and we weren’t happy with what they were doing,” says Garry.

Fortunately for Barker Ryan Stewart, they were referred to Sydney Technology Solutions by a business contact. This representative from another firm gave Sydney Technology Solutions a glowing review.

“Somebody referred us to Sydney Technology Solutions, and we picked them up and have been with them ever since,” says Garry.

The Sydney Technology Solutions team made a great first impression on the Barker Ryan Stewart staff. It was immediately clear to them that Sydney Technology Solutions would provide the committed and expert IT support they had been lacking with their previous IT company.

“We were impressed with what they had to say, so we signed them up then and there,” says Garry.

Sydney Technology Solutions Helped Barker Ryan Stewart Adapt To Remote Work During The COVID-19 Pandemic

“They’re easy to get a hold of, and they’re willing to go above and beyond when it’s needed,” says Garry.

IT resources have never been as important as they are now as a majority of professionals work from home. In order for organisations like Barker Ryan Stewart to stay connected and productive while working remotely, they need the right technologies and processes in place.

Due to how quickly the pandemic developed, many organisations were unable to prepare for the shift to a remote work setting. Doing so would have required careful planning, methodical execution of new processes, and expert implementation of new technologies. Fortunately for Barker Ryan Stewart, they can rely on Sydney Technology Solutions for expert assistance.

“Last year, when COVID hit, we went from the full complement of staff working in our offices to everyone working from home in the space of less than a week,” says Garry. “That was largely due to a lot of Sydney Technology Solutions’s work, getting us up and running in a virtual sense.”

The Sydney Technology Solutions team ensured that everyone working remotely for Barker Ryan Stewart had what they needed to do so productively and securely.

“Things like that, that weren’t necessarily part of their contract with us, they just jumped in because they knew it had to be done,” says Garry. “We know we can rely on them.”

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