PF Changes Credit Card HackIf you eat at P.F. Chang’s, keep an eye on your debit and credit card statements.  The restaurant chain is investigating claims of data breaches from all their restaurants in Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Nevada and North Carolina.

It appears that the stolen card data occurred at P.F. Chang’s locations between March 1, and May 19, 2014. P.F. Chang’s headquarters is in communication with law enforcement authorities, and will provide an update as soon as they have more information.

rescator[dot]so, an underground store known for selling the cards stolen from last year’s Target breach, has posted thousands of newly stolen credit and debit cards. It appears these may be from the P.F. Chang theft. Thieves typically use stolen credit/debit card data to make counterfeit cards that they use to buy high-priced goods.

What Should You Do?

Go online and view your credit/debit card statements to determine if your card number(s) has been used to purchase an item you don’t recognize.  Keep an eye on your statements for a few months.  If you find any discrepancies, contact your credit/debit card company.

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