Selecting the correct backup solution for your business

When it comes to backing up your important business data, there are so many choices, leaving many scratching their heads, not knowing where to start.

What solution is best for your business?

STS understands backup and the importance of safeguarding your crucial business information.

Is simply backing up your Word files, emails, financial data or spreadsheets enough?  For businesses with basic needs, an online backup solution may be enough. For others, with more complicated data protection needs or compliance requirements, the off-the-shelf backup solution simply doesn’t meet their needs.

STS is your trusted advisor when it comes to your IT needs, including backup, recovery and business continuity.  We recommend only the right solutions for your business.

How do you determine what the right solution is for your business?

There are three fundamental questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How long can our business be down?
  • How much data can we afford to lose?
  • What is our budget?

Business continuity is much like insurance.  It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.  Let’s face it. Mistakes happen. People will delete files; equipment will break down; and disasters do happen.  Is your business prepared?

Which solution fits your needs?

  • STS Care Backup Basic – Our entry-level backup solution is perfect for small businesses or the business professional who needs simple backup of a single machine or small network.  Downtime doesn’t have a significant effect on the overall business operation.  You are responsible for taking your tapes or disks off site each day. Risk Tolerance – LOW 
  • STS Care Backup Advanced – Our flagship backup and recovery solution is ideal for the small-business owner who needs an enhanced backup and recovery solution including nightly backup on site combined with a solution that uses the Internet to securely transfer critical files off site to a secure storage location. Risk Tolerance – Medium 
  • STS Care Backup Premiere – Our premiere service is designed for businesses whose technology systems are essential to their day-to-day operations.  They are dependent on the uptime of their networks to meet the demands of their clients and operations of their businesses.  Downtime is not an option.  The STS Backup 3 offers businesses real-time backup of files locally and immediate off-site storage.  In addition, if a disaster or serious equipment failure occurred, virtual instances of the businesses’ servers can be deployed across the Internet to keep business operations going.  Risk Tolerance – HIGH 

What STS Care Backup solution is right for your business?

Sit down with a member of our IT consulting team, and work together to determine what STS Backup solution is best for your business.