CASL Antispam Rules CanadaJuly 1, 2014: Canada’s new anti-spam law will go into force.  It ensures that businesses can compete effectively in the global marketplace.

January 15, 2015: Another act goes into force that prevents the unsolicited installation of computer programs or software.

They prohibit the:

  • Transmission of commercial electronic message without recipients’ consent.   Either explicit or implied.  Explicit is our recommended best practice.
  • Alteration of transmission data in an electronic message that could result in the message being delivered to a different recipient without their express consent.
  • Use of false or misleading online representation to promote services or products.
  • Installing of computer software applications without the express consent of the owner of the system, or an authorized employee.
  • Collection of personal information via a computer system.
  • Collection of electronic addresses without express permission from the owner of the address.

However, they will allow:

  • The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission to issue monetary penalties for violations.
  • The Competition Bureau to seek monetary penalties or criminal sanctions under the Competition Act.
  • The Office of the Privacy Commissioner to levy indictments under the amended Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

It will also allow these agencies to share information with the government of a foreign state if necessary.

These privacy laws are intended to protect you.  However, as a business in Canada, you must also comply.

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