Changing Windows 10 Default Apps

Windows 10 comes with a number of default apps already set in place. It might, for example, have Outlook set as your default app for email, or Internet Explorer set as the default app for your web browser. In practice, however, those aren’t necessarily the apps you want to use for those tasks, and it’s critical that you have the right ones in place to maximize your productivity and ensure that you have access to the right tools when you need them. Fortunately, Windows 10 also allows you to change your default apps to the ones you prefer for your needs.

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Ready to change your default app settings?

First, right click start. Click on the “apps and features” option. Then, choose “default apps” in the left-hand navigation bar. There, you will see the current default apps set by Windows for each function.

Click on the current default app for a given function to change it for another one. Once you select an app, you will be given a list of others that can be used for that same purpose. If you do not see the app you’re looking for, you can simply choose your preferred app from the app store. Then, when you’re ready to engage in those activities–from drafting to browsing the web or sending an email–in the future, it will open your default app automatically, rather than opening something else.

Setting the right default apps can make a huge difference in your overall productivity, since you won’t have to go back and re-select an app every time Windows opens the wrong one by default. Want to learn more tips and tricks that can help you make the most of your Windows 10 experience? Contact us today to learn more about our extensive suggestions and how we can help you streamline your Windows functionality.