IT’s YOUR CHOICE – STS Cloud Backup Service or All The Others

Sydney Cloud BackupMost people agree — It’s essential to back up your data.  But how you choose to do this is your decision. This typically means you need to choose from a: 

  • Web-based backup system,
  • Tape-based backup system, or a
  • Disk-to-disk backup system

But You Don’t Need To Choose.  STS Cloud Backup Service Is All You Need.

With STS’s cloud backup services:

  • Your backups are set to backup your critical information on a pre-determined, recurring schedule with little to no oversight.
  • Backup costs are reduced compared to tape, DVD or redundant hard drives.
  • Backups are more reliable and secure.
  • Your data is automatically backed up offsite to a secure facility that meets all regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Data remains secure even if your office or network is shut down due to a manmade or natural disaster.
  • We can recover your data in the event of damage to your network.
  • You can access your data securely from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Ask Yourself?

  • Are you backing up your corporate data properly and regularly?
  • Is your entire IT system backed up? (servers, workstations, traveling notebooks)
  • Is your data stored off-site in a secure location away from your office?
  • Is your backup encrypted?
  • Should something happen to your servers/IT infrastructure is your data secure, and can it be recovered?

STS Cloud Backup Service (powered by Asigra) can automatically perform all these tasks so you don’t have to. 

STS is the best resource in Sydney for data backup services. It’s Your Choice. To learn more about STS’ cloud backup services call (02) 8212 4722 or email us at [email protected].