Make A Contact List With Outlook On The Web

Organising your emails into a folder makes it easy to navigate and saves you time. Fortunately, you can do that on Outlook. You no longer have to spend hours searching for an email address. You’ll have all of them under one contact list for easy access.

The contact list will help you store a list of people to send emails to. The list makes it easy to send messages to multiple contacts without entering the contacts separately. You can save the list in your contacts’ folder. The lists are not available to other users. Here is how to make a contact list on Outlook on the web.

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How to create a contact list

Here is how to make a contact list on Outlook on the web.

  • The first thing is to sign in to Outlook on the web. On the navigation pane, select people.
  • In the top-left corner, you’ll see the new contact option. Click on the dropdown arrow to reveal more options ( new contact, new contact list, and new group).
  • Select the create new contact list option. Add the name to the contact list name field. When you click on the new contact list, you’ll notice that it has a little description of what a new contact list is. You need to give the new contact list a name. For instance, you can call it vendors.
  • Next, list members’ email address within the add email addresses field. Choose the member’s email from the search list provided, or type the names and click add after each member. Type the email addresses of the people you want on that list.
  • Under the description box, you can type any additional information about your contact list. The description field is optional, and you can leave it blank.
  • Once you are done, click on create to add the contact list.
  •   Now you have a contact list. If you go to your contact list, you’ll see the new contact list you have created.

How to edit the contact list

Now that you have created your contact lists, the next thing will be wondering is how you can edit them. On the edit option on the taskbar, you can add people or remove them. Here are the steps to follow to edit the members from your contact list.

From the people menu, choose the contact on your contact list. You’ll see the edit option at the top. Use the add members option to add new members to your contact list. You can remove the contact by clicking on the ‘x’ to the right of the member’s name. Click save to save your changes.

How to delete a contact list

You can also delete a contact list that you no longer want. Choose the people icon in the bottom left corner and select your contacts. Select the radio button beside the contact that you want to delete. Click on delete on the top menu above the list of contacts. Confirm your option to proceed and then select delete.

If you want to import or export, go to the manage icon at the end on your far right. When you click on the drop-down, you see options to import contact or export contacts. You have to tie together Outlook on the web and Outlook on the desktop. So, when you make a contact list in one, then it will update on the other.

Now you can save time by using the new contact list on Outlook. Sending emails has been made easier. Go ahead and add contacts to your list and improve the way you send emails. If you need IT services, contact us today.