So, what’s Dell been doing lately? Most people would say “I don’t care,” but that’s about to change.  Dell has been working on a new device that’s code-named “Project Ophelia.”

A Computer on a “Stick”

Dell has decided to go private, which means they’re going to be reinventing themselves in a way that’s different from the past. Many reports have suggested that Project Ophelia will be an Android-powered computer on a USB stick. According to a report from IDG News Service, Project Ophelia will be able to turn any display or screen with an HDMI port into a gaming machine, PC, or streaming media player.

Virtual OS Capabilities

And one of its best features of all is that Ophelia will use virtual instances of operating systems running within the cloud, which will allow users to access Mac OS, Windows, Google’s Chrome OS, Citrix cloud software, and of course, Dell’s custom cloud solutions.

Users will be able to plug Ophelia into a flat-screen TV and it will connect to the closest Wi-Fi network to provide access to any operating system or app that’s running virtually in the cloud.

Project Ophelia has been shipped to beta testers, and a public release is scheduled for this fall. IDG News Service states that the device will most likely be sold for around $100. However, Tarkan Maner, Dell’s VP of cloud operations, said that he’d like to sell it for around $50.

While the price and release date are uncertain, Project Ophelia is certainly an exciting project to keep on your radar.

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