The SonicOS architecture is the basis of every Dell SonicWALL firewall.  Now Dell has released a major new update for its SonicWALL SonicOS that includes a variety of new capabilities and advanced features.

The update includes over 45 enhancements to increase network admin control and improve the overall experience for end users.  SonicOS 5.9 focuses on threat prevention, application control, and intrusion prevention.

The update is the largest release since Dell obtained SonicWALL last spring for the price of $1.2 billion. Patrick Sweeney, Executive Director of Product Management for Dell SonicWALL explains:

“SonicOS 5.9 delivers new features and capabilities that enable Dell customers, ranging from small and medium organisations, to enterprises and government, to benefit from the new features.”

The Dell SonicOS 5.9 update provides:

  • Advanced networking, management and deployment with improvements in bandwidth management and advanced networking management and deployment.
  • Advanced clean wireless capabilities to ensure that all wireless traffic is completely secure.
  • Improved management of a wireless network with traffic quotas and advanced guest services to reduce the hassle for admins and improve the overall end user experience.
  • NetExtender WXAC integration with faster connections between a laptop and a corporate network with drastically increased the speeds to websites.
  • Increased protection against malware and intrusions.

In addition to these top features, Dell has also recreated its SonicWALL Live Demo site to support compatibility with iOS and Android.

In order to upgrade to SonicOS 5.9, the Dell SonicWALL UTM (ultrasonic thickness measurement) appliance you’re using must be supported, otherwise the upgrade won’t be possible. The following appliances will be supported:

  • TZ Series: 100/W, 105/W, 200/W, 205/W, 210/W and 215/W
  • NSA Series: 250/W, 220/W, 240, 2400, 2400MX, 3500, 4000 and 5000
  • NSA E-Class Series: 5500, 6500, 7500, 8500 and 8510

All partners and customers with a valid support contract for UTM appliances and SonicWALL NGFW can upgrade to Dell SonicWALL Sonic OS 5.9 for free.

In the event that your UTM appliance isn’t supported, you should consider upgrading as Dell SonicWALL offers a secure upgrade platform. You can trade-in your existing Dell SonicWALL appliance for a brand new model, along with a two- or three-year Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS.)

While many others, such as Fortinet Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. have been keeping their eyes on the mid-market and enterprise with next-gen firewall releases of their own, Dell is the network security industry’s favorites.