For the second time in January, Twitterholics awoke on January 31 to the famous whale. Twitter was down yet again.

When Twitter goes down, it is not life or death. The world will continue to spin on its axis and business will continue. Twitter’s outage will not bring your business to a grinding halt. However outages like this give business owners an opportunity to take stock in cloud services and wonder if the cloud is right for their business.

Cloud technologies we use in business must not be confused with general public services like Twitter and other social media platforms. Cloud services your business uses each day or those that you are currently reviewing are much different and must not be confused with Twitter. Business cloud services are a different beast all together.

Cloud services for business come with service level agreements guaranteeing uptime and ensuring business services are available. Not to say that outages will never occur, business also experiences outages when services are maintained in house. The service level agreement with your cloud service will outline what is acceptable downtime and when prolonged service interruptions occur is there any compensation due to your business.

Business cloud services are a great alternative for businesses looking for alternatives to services that were once onsite. Small businesses are attracted to cloud services because many services are offered on a monthly or annual subscription. This can save thousands in licensing fees and hardware costs. These subscription fees also allow a cloud service provider to have specialized service engineers to ensure maximum uptime is maintained.

Don’t let Twitter’s outages affect your final decision to move your business solutions to cloud technologies. We encourage you to speak with one of our IT professionals before you move towards cloud services. We are experts in helping you make the right IT decision.

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