Every time you turn on the news or check a blog, it’s the same story – another data breach.

Security Breach

Companies need more protection now than ever, because hackers are getting smarter, and you rely on technology every day to keep your business afloat.

If you’ve stayed safe so far you should consider yourself lucky. But don’t expect it will last forever. Hoping for the best isn’t enough; you need to ensure that you don’t become just another statistic of businesses lost due to cybercrime. If you’re not prepared when there’s a breach in your system, you’ll face downtime, lost wages, and diminishing trust with your clients.

The Basics are Crucial

  • Let’s put it this way – the security basics are there for a reason. You may think that with the complexity of cyberattacks today firewalls are useless, but it’s not true. Everything is put in place for your protection, and they all play an important part.
  • Are protected when working online? Your business needs to be properly equipped with anti-spam and anti-virus tools and malware protection. And employees should be educated about online activity – emails to avoid, websites to stay off of, and other ways to escape harm.

Security on The Go

  • Getting your office PCs set up and monitored is great – but realistically, that’s not the only place you and your employees work. Emails are being fired out at all hours of the day, employees are constantly on the move, and mobile devices are being used to keep up. Are your devices protected? If not, your company data is at great risk.
  • Any device that’s used in the office or outside of work to access business information needs to be secured. If your employee loses a phone or laptop, is your business properly equipped to deal with the fallout?

Protection For Your Future

  • It may seem impossible to account for everything, but that’s what we’re here for. Business continuity plans ensure your business isn’t crippled when a data breach or hardware failure hits – your data, applications, contacts and files are backed up and secured so they’re always available when you need them.

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