Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, programs have become very popular over the past few years. It can be a major benefit for some employees to have the ability to use their new iPhone or Blackberry, instead of dragging around a boring, clunky phone. It also saves a large sum of money for corporations, as they do not have to pay for the devices for their employees. However, there are some negatives to these programs. Understand the dark side of BYOD – privacy, personal data loss and device seizure before you consider utilizing this employee benefit.

Personal Data Loss – You company probably relies on ActiveSync and other tools to enforce password protection and to have the ability to wipe and lock the phone from a distance. Using these tools the company can keep you from accessing your personal data, and if you signed an agreement, you likely signed away any rights to your own data, so there is nothing that you can do.

Privacy – Legally, even though you own the device you may not have rights to privacy on your device. The company may have the right to use forensic software to see how the device was used at any time. While this may not seem that important, remember that your phone or data device is used for text messaging and accessing the internet as well. Anything you do, even on your own time, could become public knowledge if your boss decides to utilize it.

Device Seizure and Loss of Use – If your company gets involved in a legal issue, or even if your boss decides to utilize a remote lock you could have your decide seized or you could lose use of it. Once again, this could keep you from using your device even on your own time, not just for business.

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