By choosing the right analytics, conversion optimization, and search engine marketing technologies, marketing departments can more effectively reach new customers.

Information Technology Marketing Departments

Every marketing department strives to achieve three primary goals.

  1. Engage with existing customers.
  2. Improve brand awareness, while simultaneously increasing conversion rates on campaigns.
  3. Reach new customers.

Fortunately for marketing departments everywhere, certain technologies can help them more quickly achieve their goals.

Technologies And Tools That Every Marketing Department Should Use

Reaching new customers is greatly enhanced when marketing departments leverage tools that help them focus their efforts on the following key areas.

  • Analytics — Both traditional and digital marketing is now more trackable than ever. The top marketers know that they need to gather data analytics if they want to truly gain insights into each of their marketing campaigns. Whether it is tracking the first point of contact with a new customer or tracking email open rates, data analytics tools should be used by marketing departments to fine tune the effectiveness of their campaigns.

    Google Analytics is one of the most popular website analytics tools that can help small to mid-sized businesses better gauge how their digital footprint is attracting new customers. Adobe Analytics is another data gathering tool that can be used to more readily enter into the mindset of new and existing customers so that marketing materials can be tailored to their unique needs. Finally, through social media analytics, marketing departments can better understand what types of posts have the best traction with new potential customers. This knowledge can then be used to successfully grow a company’s social media presence, while simultaneously improving brand awareness and subsequently providing the foundation needed for conversion optimization.

  • Conversion Optimization — A key goal of any marketing campaign is to achieve high conversion rates. Whether it is asking new customers to sign-up for a trial of a new product, or encouraging them to purchase a particular service, every marketing campaign has an expected conversion goal in mind. Using the right digital delivery tools, such as SendYourMedia, can help you to increase the conversion rates of marketing campaigns. Email marketing efforts can also be improved through the use of marketing automation programs, or platforms, such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, that allow you to gather valuable data analytics.

    Optimizing website or social media conversion rates can also be made easier with the help of Optimzely or Unbounce, which enable users to create and run A/B tests on specific landing pages or site elements. Through these tests, marketing departments can determine which style of content promotes higher engagement and conversion levels.

  • Search Engine Marketing — Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid search ads are two great tactics that marketers can deploy to reach new customers. The goal of both entities is to increase brand awareness, by appearing in the top portion of search results for popular terms associated with your industry and business. Tools such as WordStream and BrightEdge can help marketers identify what types of keywords and SEO tactics will help them to reach their chosen consumer audience.

    Once marketers have identified what keywords are most popular amongst their audience, they can use Google AdWords to improve the effectiveness of their paid search efforts. By integrating Google AdWords with Google Analytics data and a CRM, marketers can more readily determine which ads were clicked on the most, as well as which ads delivered the highest revenue or lead opportunities. Marketers can then use the latter valuable insights to improve both traditional and digital marketing efforts to new customers.

The Bottom Line: The Right Technologies Can Be Used To Improve Marketing Results

The moral of the story is clear, through the right analytics, conversion optimization, and search engine marketing tools, marketing departments can effectively reach new customers. Additionally, these technologies can help them to engage with existing customers, while simultaneously enhancing brand awareness. To discover the right technologies for your marketing department, contact Sydney Technology Solutions located in Sydney via [email protected] or (02) 8212 4722.