Comprehensive Email Protection for Business

Spam, phishing scams, and email-based virus attacks continue to plague companies by hindering user productivity and draining email server and network resources. The ANTI SPAM regulations have not hampered the efforts of spammers. In fact, spam continues to increase despite the legislation, mainly because of the diffi culty in prosecuting these spammers, many of whom are located in foreign countries. Another silent killer of server and network resources are malicious connection attacks such as denial of service (DoS) or intrusion attacks such as directory harvest (DHA). Sydney Technology Solutions’ Email Protection Service offers a level of protection that stops malicious attacks and unwanted probes, dramatically reduces spam and viruses, provides real-time monitoring and reporting, and ensures no messages are lost during an unexpected mail server outage.

At Sydney Technology Solutions, we believe email protection should include these key components:

  • Multi-layered protection to address a wide variety of threats.
  • Accurate spam and content fi ltering to minimise false positives.
  • Secure delivery of valid emails so confi dential information is protected.
  • Reliable and robust architecture for rapid and assured email delivery.
  • Monitoring, management, and reporting capabilities for fine tuning of the service for each client.

Comprehensive Email Protection

Sydney Technology Solutions’ Email Protection Service is powered by MailMaster, the award winning, industry leader of email security and management solutions. Email Protection Service provides comprehensive email protection through spam, virus, phishing and content filtering.

In addition, it protects the client’s email system from a wide range of attacks and includes tools to regulate email delivery and monitor email traffic.

How it Works

Incoming email is processed in realtime through Sydney Technology Solutions’ proprietary technology which separates spam and viruses from legitimate email. Valid email is passed through to the recipient and questionable email is sent to a user-specific quarantine.

The service monitors mail connections and prevents malicious attacks such as denial of service (DoS) and directory harvest attacks (DHA) from ever reaching the client’s network thereby saving precious email server and network resources.

Attacks and unwanted probes are automatically rejected in real time at the connection level.

Complete SPAM, Virus, Spyware and Content Filtering

Email Protection

Accurate and Reliable Email Protection Service utilises multi-layer threat protection to address the widest possible range of threats. The service can dramatically reduce the amount of spam, viruses and phishing scams so they don’t affect user productivity. A robust network architecture with redundancy provides load balancing so email is delivered reliably.

The service includes:

  • A user-viewable quarantine where individual settings can be set such as spam level, approved and blocked senders.
  • Spooling of mail in the event of a mail server outage.
  • Industry-specific heuristics indentifies legitimate email and filters it less rigorously to assure delivery of valid messages and reduce falsely quarantined messages.
  • Global settings that adhere to company policies content management via keywords and phrases; blocked and approved senders and domains (black and white lists); control over message and attachment sizes.
  • Email aliases at no extra cost.
  • Easy customisation so it meets the individual needs of each client.
  • Automatic and seamless updates and upgrades against the latest threats.

Secure and Compliant

Email is processed and passed through the service, so confidential information is protected and not viewable by anyone but the recipient. In addition, the email processing does not affect the performance of mail delivery so latency is not an issue.

Monitor, Manage, and Report

Once the service is set up, email connections and traffic are monitored by Sydney Technology Solutions. Reports on the amount of traffic, spam, and viruses can be sent to clients on a regular basis so fine tuning can be done to address specific needs. In the event of a mail server outage, mail spooling or connection level attack, a notification is sent to Sydney Technology Solutions and a client contact if necessary. Then a consultant will begin to diagnose the problem and take appropriate action to resolve the issue.

Sydney Technology Solutions’ Email Protection Service provides a comprehensive solution that addresses today’s email security and management challenges in a cost effective, seamlessly integrated and easily managed fashion.

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