Firefox Web BrowserHere are some of Firefox’s extensions that may just convince you to start using Firefox too.

When Internet Explorer fell off the face of the internet, tons of other browsers came up strong and fresh. It seems every browser has features lacking in others, so the real standard for which is the best all comes down to personal preference. Extensions do so much to sway someone to a particular browser. Does it support this extension? Does it offer the same quality experience as this other one does when I use this extension?

Firefox has claimed the top spot for powerful extension support among all other browsers, and that includes Chrome. Here are some of Firefox’s extensions that may just convince you to start using Firefox now.

Tree Style Tab

As the name suggests, tabs in the browser are displayed tree-style rather than the usual side by side. When new tabs, “children” tabs, are created from a current tab, they fall under that tab creating a hierarchal functionality. Children tabs can also have their own children tabs, adding to a new organized scheme of the browser. If you’re a multi-tasker, with many tabs open more than absolutely necessary; have no worries because the tab trees can be collapsed. You can avoid your browser looking messy or too busy. Also, since Firefox only loads pages from focused tabs, you end up saving RAM usage.

Tab Mix Plus

I’m sure we can all agree that tab organization is an important part of our browsing experience. If Tree Style Tabs did not knock you off, then check out TabMixPlus.

TabMixPLus changes how and when link types are opened. It redesigns how tabs appear in the tab bar, and offers a tied mouse gestures with tab actions. For an in-depth walk through, visit this Tab Mix Plus review.


If you’re unsure of saving pages or bookmarking them because of a possible 404 “missing page” error that might happen later, then Scrapbook is for you. Scrapbook is a web collector of pages that you download and save. It doesn’t matter if the link changes, it will give you the same exact page you collected.

Down Them All

First, let’s admit that the built-in download manager in Firefox is nothing special as is the case with other browsers. It covers basic functions, pause, resume, record download. If you’re looking for a makeover for the simplicity in it, then try DownThemAll for added sophistication and function. It does not only download regular download links, it even downloads and saves elements in a page! Of course you can filter which images or links you want to download, but the best thing about this extension is that it has an accelerator that can increase your download speed up to 4x!

Video Download Helper

Video DownloadHelper functions much like other websites that converts a video link, into FLV or MP4 then save it for local storage. What takes this apart from others though, is that this allows you to download any media in an open page in your Firefox browser. There’s no need to install YouTube downloader anymore, with Video DownloadHelper, all it takes is one click and it works on other sites too. This helper can also download images and audio.

The Video DownloadHelper will automatically detect media found in a page, and an icon will show you which ones you can download.

Leech Block

LeechBlock is a handy for two reasons: 1) Its integration in Firefox makes it easy to use with almost no learning curve, and 2) It provides flexibility in choosing what, when, and how to block websites. You can create sets of multiple websites with each set meeting different criteria for when it has to be blocked. You can say goodbye to mindless web surfing, spend your time more productively with minimal distractions to stray you away from agenda.


For web development tools, Firebug is pretty up there. It’s one of the most important tools that inspired other browsers to create the “Inspect Element” to alter markup of a certain page. Its flexibility allows other extensions to be installed on top of it for added features.

Other browsers implements Firebug Lite, however, it lacks some key features that make Firebug the best. Seasoned web developers find the difference very distressing as even the smallest difference can have significant impact on coding productivity.

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