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Counting down to #1 we have:

#5 Quick switching between windows.

Switch between Mail, Contacts and Calendar by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing 1,2,3, or 4 on your keypad.

#4 Print the current view.

Hold the Ctrl key and press P on your keyboard.

This will automatically bring up your print window with your last-used settings.

#3 Forward an email as an attachment.

You can select one or more emails, press Ctrl + Alt + F while viewing each email, and it will automatically attach them to a new, blank email.

#2 Increase or decrease font sizes while typing in Outlook.

When typing, simply press Ctrl + ] or Ctrl + [ to increase or decrease font sizes.  You can adjust sizes as you go. There’s no need to take your hands off the keyboard.

#1 You can create a new document straight from Outlook. 

Press Ctrl + Shift + H wherever you are in Outlook, and select the type of document you want, without manually changing programs.

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