Mobile phones and tablets have revolutionized the way we work today. Working even while you are away from your office desk has now become a possibility and so has working from home, working while travelling and working from anywhere for that matter. But this, of course, has its own set of disadvantages. What if your mobile phone or tablet is lost? Couldn’t it fall into the wrong hands? Couldn’t all your private emails and documents be accessed? Of course, they could! And if you are in an insecure WiFi hotspot, there could even be a problem with the data being stolen by an unauthorised third party. So, what should you do? Password protect your phone of course (and do a couple of other things too)! A recent Sophos has found that 70% mobile phone users do not password protect their phones. Now, that’s an appalling number!

Assuming that you are one of them, there is a free Mobile Security Toolkit (downloadable) for you that advises you (and businesses) on mobile security risks and offers practical advice to secure them. The toolkit includes a presentation (Mobile Security Threats and How to Stay Safe), a video (Why You Should Always Lock Your Phone), an article (What Senior Managers Need to Know About Mobile Device Security), two whitepapers (“Mobile Security–What’s Coming Next?” and “Seven Tips for Securing Mobile Workers “ ) tips (Safe Passcodes for Mobile Devices) and a template (Example Mobile Security Policy). And despite all this, the toolkit is free of cost! You’ll have to fill in a gate, though.

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