Microsoft has been making a number of developments in their array of Windows 8 OS and other related applications among which is the most promising one. This is a renovated webmail service from Microsoft which will complement the Cloud OS and take personal email to a new zenith. It is actually developed as Metro edition of webmail and as planned it will replace Hotmail pretty soon.

Such a bold move from Microsoft is an attempt to reclaim its glory from its competitors and regain it supremacy in the Cloud market. This is why; they have revamped their previous webmail and gave it a similar interface to the current outlook on usual desktop.  Although it might have an older look, it includes some amazing new features which are actually based on AjaX program that will support all web explorer including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

However, compared to other webmail services, the contains a number of unique features which makes them standout in the crowd. It is the first webmail to have Active View that allows the users to interact with contents and functionality within their email message straight away. It has been also integrated with Office Web Apps and Skype which makes it even more dynamic and productive. With, the people will be able to open and save email attachment in SkyDrive and also have video chat with their friends online without installing Skype in their PC. Also it has Conversation threading, Sweep, Quick views, One-click filters, Aliases, Categories, Instant actions and many more. Moreover, it also comes with a Single-use-code that will allow users to securely access their email in a public domain without even using their own password. According to Microsoft officials, this is also the first email service that is connected to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google to bring your friends and colleagues together.

You can also enjoy these amazing features if you already have a hotmail account. Just simply go for the upgrade option in your hotmail menu where you will get to enjoy the new interface where all your settings and preferences will remain unchanged. If you don’t have a hotmail account, you can always signup for a new account to enjoy and its amazing features.

As your trusted Microsoft partner we are always keeping a keen eye open for the latest technologies to help your business. appears to be a stepping stone to the next generation of how business will use email.  Stay tuned.