Windows 8 SupportWindows 8 is Microsoft’s most modified operating system to date. Many people say that the changes are so drastic that common users might have problems when they install it on their computers.  The biggest concern about this version is that it was developed with tablet PCs in mind. Using it on a desktop could disorient the people. But there are number of good things about this OS, along with some bad ones, that people are not aware of.

Let us start with the booting of Windows 8. The startup is really fast and simple and can be easily synchronized with cloud services. The desktop tends to cause problems for many desktop users. If you were using a laptop or tablet, it would be easier because tablets have touch screens and many laptops have touch screen capabilities. But for a desktop user, it will be really difficult for to scroll through the tiles with a mouse. Also you can’t modify the tiles on a desktop.

The email client or application along with the Internet browser could also be disappointing. You won’t be able to resize the email window and you will feel that it is more appropriate for touch command than a mouse.  The Internet browser, although it looks very impressive, still lacks a full-screen windowed application in Windows 8. So, you would be better off using a third-party application if you plan to use Windows 8.

Apart from these aspects, you will find it quite easy to use Windows 8. Many critics say that the full-screen tile application interface will be the biggest challenge for users to grow accustomed to. Although people are sure to fall in love with Windows 8 in their mobile phones and tablets, it won’t be the same case for the desktop version. This will be indeed a big challenge for Microsoft to roll out and popularize its new operating system.