It’s a well-known fact that technology changes with time. And so do the habits of users/searchers. What we’re getting to is the recently introduced Instant Preview – a new search feature by Google that’s bound to bring some changes in search behavior. This feature lets users see a preview of the site without clicking on the search results listing. So, all the user needs to do is roll over the magnifying glass icon to the right of listing’s title, and click on those results that look the most relevant (which means a significant amount of search time saved). This is, without doubt, good news for searchers. But what does it mean for marketers, web designers and businesses? It means it’s time to give your site a makeover (or make changes to it accordingly, at least). Forget about link building or sitemaps (not permanently, of course!), here are some things you need to do right away to make sure your site doesn’t get ignored by users when they’re using Instant Preview:

  1. Let the headlines speak for you: Make the headlines clean and big and emphasize on making users understand how your product or service is different from others. Bloggers must make sure that their titles are descriptive instead of keyword-stuffed.
  2. Make the graphics clean and colorful: If you’re planning to redesign your website, see to it that it has graphics that are large and can be understood from instant preview.
  3. Make your pages clean: Remove clutter from your pages by making the content open, clean, and easy to read and don’t forget to use large fonts and elements. A messy looking website is the last thing users want to spend their time on.

Getting to the bottom line, it is important to remember that user behaviors change and if you don’t act accordingly, you’re going to get left behind.

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