There is hardly anyone who has never used Google Street View to find or see a favorite spot. Now Google has made a radical change in its system and has started providing a view under the ocean as well. With this addition, Google Street View moves to a new dimension by giving exploration opportunity under water.

The underwater Google Street View is a collection of some of the most wonderful underwater spots that users might have never seen in their lifetimes. Each collection provides a 360 degree, high definition panoramic view. The project was initiated in a partnership between Google and Caitlin Seaview Survey. The aim of this project is to create a virtual map of the oceans as well as document the ecosystem in it. This is also an attempt to share a vibrant experience of the sea world that has been unseen to many so far.

It took more than six months and a dedicated team of divers to capture the underwater scenes. Experts stitched them together into 360 degree views. Now people can see the ocean collection on Google Street View through However, you will need a PC with a decent quality Internet connection if you want to enjoy it. You will also need to install and upgrade your browser plug-ins for smooth viewing. In addition, iPhone has also developed an app to view under the sea through Google Street View.

Currently, the Great Barrier Reef, two sites in Hawaii and one spot in the Philippines are currently available for general viewing. Google and Catlin have plans to introduce additional sites to make them more appealing and engaging to common people.  The project director of Catlin, Richard Vevers, describes this project as an attempt to create awareness among people and also drive the conservation campaign of the sea. This project will also ensure that the ever changing sea environment will be closely monitored. Google and Catlin have made a substantial investment in this project, and feel certain that it will create more buzz among users when they first glimpse the incredible view beneath the sea.