Don’t let uncertainty drive you mad.  STS introduces Hawkeye, our GPS Tracking System.

  •  Are you tearing your hair out wondering what your employees are doing when they leave the office “on business”?
  • Are you an employee who worries that the car you share with co-workers isn’t safe to drive?

Let Hawkeye alleviate your fears.

What started out as a hobby for Sydney Technology Solutions’ founders quickly turned into a business idea when they realized how it could benefit business executives and employees alike in an efficient, cost-effective way.

With Hawkeye, employers can know where their employees are at all times, which eliminates concerns about whether or not people actually meet with clients or vendors when they say they have. If a company car gets stolen or an employee car jacked, Hawkeye can disable the car and mark where it’s located so that the police can find and recover it.

Employees who experience difficulty when recording mileage for expense reports can use Hawkeye to ensure that every mileage report is accurate. If they get into accidents and have no clue where they are, Hawkeye’s GPS feature will make it easy for rescuers to find them.

Hawkeye’s many helpful features include:

Applications such as

  • Vehicle Real-Time Tracking
  • Car Security / Anti-Hijack
  • Motorcycle Tracking & Protection
  • Fleet Management

Tracker features such as

  • SMS and GPRS TCP/UDP Communications
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Track on Demand
  • Track by Time Interval
  • Track by Distance Interval
  • Track on Mobile Phone
  • Two Way Audio or Voice Monitoring
  • Internal Memory for Logging
  • Inbuilt Motion Sensor
  • Internal Backup Battery
  • Sleep/Power Down Mode
  • SOS Alarm
  • Geo-fence Alarm
  • GPS Blind Area Alarm
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Speeding Alarm
  • Impact Alarm
  • Tow Alarm
  • GPS Antenna Cut Alarm
  • External Power Cut Alarm
  • Mileage Report
  • Engine Cut
  • Digital Input, Analogue Input, Output
  • Handset Phone, Camera, RFID Reader Options

Looking for a new way to track your vehicles, car and trucks?  STS Hawkeye GPS tracking system can take the worry of your vehicle tracking.