The wait for Microsoft Office 2013 comes to an end very soon. Although the software giant Microsoft hasn’t made any announcements about the possible release date and price of the upcoming version of office suite, we are certain to get the much awaited office 2013 within a few months. Most of the reviews and insights have stated that Office 2013 is more tablet-friendly and optimized for Windows 8, people with older PCs will also have a number of reasons to love this version.

Among all those new features of Office 2013, the optimized and enhanced interface based on Metro is really striking. Microsoft is confident that you will find the new interface of office 2013 quite soothing with the revamped file tab, Ribbon, icons and so on. On the interface, you will also find your Microsoft account photo on the upper right corner which will keep reminding you about the new cloud features integrated in it. Now you will be able to save your files in cloud e.g. SkyDrive instead of C drive which comes as a default in office 2013.

Another feature of office 2013 that people will find really handy is the PDF compatibility. It can not only open PDF but also edit them. Now editing a PDF and saving it into another PDF file is a piece of cake. To make life even easier, Office 2013 also has Resume Reading that automatically creates bookmarks in long files. Now it will be almost impossible for you to get lost in a large file. The office suite is also integrated with a number of other services such as SharePoint, Bing which lets you be more productive. For example; searching and inserting pictures in previous versions of office was always a difficult task. But in 2013, you will be able to search pictures on Bing and insert them in Word or PowerPoint in no time. In addition to that, the quick analysis tool in Excel is another feature that is destined to win millions of hearts. With this feature, users just need to highlight the data and Excel will offer suggestions on the best way to format, analyze and also present it.

These are only a few new features and there are many more in Office 2013 that will make people fall in love with it.