IT security has become a serious concern for all companies and individuals due to the rising number of cyber attacks. From previous experiences, we have found that no security system or firewall is strong enough to protect the IT structure from all those new and devastating worms, threats and attacks. However, there are a number of unusual precautions which have been quite effective in securing your IT assets.

The very first unusual precaution in this regard is to rename all the privileged accounts of your network which are usually named as “administrator”. This will make it difficult for the hackers to start their password guessing game as they won’t know the account name. It would be better if you could get rid of all those privileged accounts with privileged permissions by default. Similarly, using no default ports to install services is a good since the viruses always go for the default ports. These ideas might sound crazy but they actually work.

Another way to protect you system is to install all your applications in a non-default directory other than windows in C drive. Usually malwares look for application files in the default directory and find it really difficult when the files are installed in a different folder. You might also disable internet browsing on servers since it can provide access to malware to intrude your system. If you can’t do that, you should at least try to block the sites which are not required.

Regular analysis of network traffic flow is also found to be an effective yet weird approach to IT security. They have been really helpful in discovering any massive data theft and initiate investigation. So whenever there is a major discrepancy in your network traffic, you should be alerted for any security threats or data theft. In addition to that, you might also use Honeypots or Honeynets to secure your system. These Honeypots are actually one kind of computer asset with no production value and they work as a bet to be attacked by the viruses and send alerts. Although they are not that much popular but many organisations have reported less attacks ever since they started using them.

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