Microsoft Outlook helpThe preview for the Microsoft Outlook emailing system on the 31st of July 2012 was just the beginning. Big changes are expected to come in time, but in the meantime it’s possible to start experiencing it now. Millions of people are currently expected to sign up, and anybody can do it whenever they want. Current email addresses can be used and users can join right now. Here’s how to do it.


Hotmail customers have the easiest time as Outlook is a direct evolution of Hotmail. Hotmail users should first log into their Hotmail accounts. On their options menus they should see an ‘Upgrade’ button. From here they are able to click it and then they can start using their email address. Everything remains the same. The greatest boon is that the original address will still be valid so it won’t be necessary to inform any existing contacts about the change.

Other Services

Those who are on other email services should travel to and just sign up for an account. This will allow users to gain the email address and to start using it instantly. Contacts can even be imported from services like Gmail directly into It’s also possible to have all incoming mails forwarded to this address.

On the Go can also be set up on mobile devices like the iPhone and the Android. It’s very much like setting up a Hotmail or Exchange account and is very simple. There’s a step-by-step guide available on the official Outlook website for setting up this new email platform.


It has to be noted that Outlook is still in the testing phase and is thus bound to have a few lingering issues associated with it. That’s why Microsoft is encouraging people to leave their feedback on the Outlook blog.

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