Wifi & iPad: Exclusive Room Services

What kind of services or benefits do you expect in five-star hotels? The wish list can be really long and include almost anything, even an iPad with free Wi-Fi. With the rising number of tech savvy people on the move, this is indeed an item that travelers might need – and certainly want — in their rooms. Some hotels around the world already provide guests with iPads and Wi-Fi in their rooms. Now, they can expect to get an iPad along with soap, towels, shampoo and other accessories along with free Internet access. But there’s one stipulation: they have to leave the iPad behind when they leave the hotel. This protects the guest as well as the hotel because if a hotel-owned iPade were to be lost or stolen, the guest would most likely be liable.

According to Straight.com, the Fairmont Pacific Rim started giving iPads with Wi-Fi connection to visitors in July 2012. The Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles already furnishes every guest room with an iPad and the Toronto location, which is expected to open in October 2012 will do the same, according to 4Hotliers.com.

Hotel owners hope to attract more visitors with these innovative ideas. People have always appreciated Wi-Fi services in airports, public spots and at seminars. For them, this is not a luxury but an absolute necessity. Without the Internet, people on the move can’t keep up with their personal and professional lives when they’re away from home or the office. Having an iPad and Wi-Fi in their rooms could make life much easier on them. Casual travelers won’t have to worry about having their personal devices lost, stolen or, worse, left behind. They’ll enjoy the comforts of home without any worry.

Thanks to the provision of iPads to go along with free Wi-Fi access has just made staying in a five-star hotel more luxurious and traveling less stressful for some.

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