How Can I Find My IP and MAC Address?

Every device that is connected to a network has an IP address and a MAC  address and an IP address. IP and MAC addresses are both used to identify a network device, and it is not uncommon for people to confuse them.

Your MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to every network device that is connected to a network. Your IP address serves as the device’s logical address and is used to identify that network connection, and your MAC address identifies the device on a network.

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There will be several reasons why you may want to find your IP and MAC address, including, identifying devices on a network, repairing a network issue, or recovering data. To help you in the situations where you need to know the IP and MAC address, we wanted to share a method that you can use to find the IP and MAC addresses of your device and network.

  1. To do this, right-click on Start and navigate to Windows PowerShell (some may say Command Prompt)
  2. You can check your IP and MAC Address. You will see a list of each network adapter that is configured on your device

You may also use the commands: get-netadapter, getmac, and ipconfig /all to determine your IP and MAC addresses.

The MAC addresses associated with your device will be listed as near the Physical Address and the IP address will be listed near the IPv4 tab.

Windows offers a variety of methods for finding the IP address and MAC address of any device and network adapter. The Windows PowerShell method we show is one of the easiest methods we know.

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