Using the cloud for your business has a great benefit but if you do not have a long term strategy, you should consider creating one. Having a long term strategy will help you grow over time and set yourself up for success using the cloud in the future.

With cloud usage increasing in both personal and professional areas, it is no surprise that there is a great demand for it. However, before you start using the cloud for your business, you should develop a strategy for the long term. It is a great idea to use it for the short term but many companies do not look beyond that. Over time, there will be even more demand for cloud space and functionality. For some companies, they are already seeing the need for cloud storage because they are rapidly growing. One solution for this is independent scaling where you separate storage and computing resources. This approach can create more scalability and flexibility. However, you still need a long term plan. Use these steps to create one for your business.

Cloud Strategy

Determine How Much Space You Need for Storage Now and Your Current Growth Rate

You should already have a good idea of what you need now but that need will surely grow as your company grows. Even if you are separating your storage and your computer resources, you need to have a good idea of how much you plan on growing in the next few years. Estimating this growth rate will help you look at providers who can handle this type of growth for many years to come. Eventually you will need to change to a new provider or get a bigger plan but you can look at that at a later date. For now, you want to make sure you have enough for your current needs as well as the foreseeable future. Additionally, you want to make sure your solution is efficient and can handle your data well while still providing the performance you expect. Even if a provider can store your data,if they cannot allow you to use it efficiently, it is not a good solution for when you grow.

Look at Scaling Costs

The next thing to examine will be the cost associated with your needs. You want to make sure it is as affordable for you today as it will be later when you need to scale. Looking at independent scaling options will provide you with better pricing as you increase your need for storage. Additionally, it will also provide you with better access and easier migration when you need to move cloud data or bring it together from difference sources. Ensuring you have both of these components covered for the long term is very important because there will come a time when you need to scale or even more data from one cloud storage to another.

Make Sure it is Easy to Extract Data

The data you store on cloud devices is yours but there are some providers who make it difficult to completely remove your data. You do not want to be locked into a provider because they do this but can no longer handle your requirements. Independent scaling is a good solution because you can extract the data and move it very easily. Even if you do not think it is a possibility to be locked in, many companies who have already experienced this will tell you otherwise.

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