Have you heard of Windows Blue?  Does Windows Blue mean anything to your business?

ZDNet is one of the top websites for IT information and when we read that the next generation of Windows is said to be close to a public preview state, it caught us a little off guard.

Mary Jo Foley covers Microsoft for ZDNet and her article on Feb 24, 2013 covered more rumors about Microsoft’s next Windows release, codenamed Blue. Win8china.com, a website known for leaking information about Windows trickled out this information.

Although exact information is not available, Foley’s article covered Blue tidbits heard through the grapevine. Win8china.com information, according to some, seems very believable.

Windows Blue, not sure if will be Windows 9 or some other name, is the next generation of the Windows operating system. Has Windows 8 been out that long? Win8china.com claims that the release-to-manufacturing phase for Windows Blue is supposedly June 7, with a retail version coming in August 2013.

Windows Blue is expected to include tweaks to the overall user experience and contain new versions of Internet Explorer, mail, calendar and Bing. In addition to application improvements, Windows Blue is expected to include software and driver updates plus updates that will help manage battery life and overall performance.

Sources report that Microsoft plans to make Windows Blue a free upgrade for Windows 8 users. Pundits are predicting that Microsoft is going the Apple route and making operating systems refreshes available for a relatively nominal fee.

Other rumors flying around Microsoft camps include updates to Windows Phone, Windows Server, outlook.com and SkyDrive. These apps are all set to get BLUE refreshes.

FYI, Microsoft officials have not released any official statements.

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